pedalo® by Holz-Hoerz

pedalo® by Holz-Hoerz

- 5 years guaranty
- longlife guaranty for service and spare parts
- made in Germany
- ecologic material
- Maximum weight capacity approx. 120 kg
- for ages 5 and up
- pollutant-proved

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The new fun sport device for all fans of freaky movements and challenges, for free riders - quite addictive!
pedalo®-Surf combines the characters of surfboard, skateboard and snowboard. The specific pedalo® IG-guidance of the board, matched with the multifunctional roll which allows moving in all directions, provides the base for a maximum free moving space.
Rolling, tilting and turning in all directions, lift off and come down safely, lots of different movements are challenging your balance skills. The board runs on two skids which are integrated in the guiding roll what gives the necessary control and safety in handling. Also additional quality features such as end-stop and anti-slip surface attests the pedalo®-Surf his uniqueness.
Board 70x30 cm, multiplex birch wood 12mm, surface in clear lacquer with anti-slip covering, end-stop. Oval roll 12x30 cm beech wood. Loadable to 120 kg, weight 4.3 kg. We recommend to use a mat as base when practicing.
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